Thursday, May 19, 2005

Garbage: Bleed Like Me

Am listening to Garbage's new album, Bleed Like Me.

If I were to rate the songs on each Garbage album, overall I'd give Version 2.0 the higher rating of the first three albums, just because I like the songs on that album more evenly. However, I like the feel, attitude, and sound of the first album the best.

Bleed Like Me is like a combination of the first two albums (thank goodness, because I really didn't like Beautiful Garbage). It's got more edge but the uniquely jarring 'garbage' sound of the first album is still non-existant. The overall sound of the album is more in a punk vein with driving beats and rhythm guitar. Vocally, Shirley seems to sing with moderation, so though the material is lyrically edgier, she doesn't quite have the dark, commanding tone she had on the first two albums.

That said, the album feels too short - it's only 45 minutes long with 11 songs. Either some of the songs need to be extended or they needed another two songs on here. This isn't to say it makes the album bad; it's kind of the same with Neko Case, whose songs usually average at a length of 3 minutes each, making her albums around a half hour in length each.

The album overall has a consistent feel, a strong theme. Not quite as catchy for singing along as Version 2.0.

Overall, I'm pleasantly suprised; it's different than I thought it would be - it talks about the dark places without dwelling in them, is how I'd put it. A nice recovery after their last album, at least for me, since I didn't like the last album. They kind of brought back the strong pulsing beat of the guitars and drums that was signature Garbage from the first two albums.

1) "Bad Boyfriend" has bite remeniscent of "Medication" and "I Think I'm Paranoid".

2) "Run Baby Run" is my favorite; sounds like a radio hit the way it is structured. Again, a blend of the lighter songs off the two first albums. Reminds me of some of the songs from Hole's Celebrity Skin album.

3) "Right Between the Eyes" is another lighter feeling song, also guitar driven, though. Goes with "Run Baby Run".

4) "Why Do You Love Me" seems to draw from punk music in its structure, particularly the guitar riffs. Probably has the most repetitive chorus ever written by Garbage; I don't know if I like it or if it'll annoy me.

5) "Bleed Like Me" is probably the darkest song they've ever written as far as content, about self abuse, hurt. From struggling with gender identity to cutting and suicide. This song has the closest feel to the first album, polished dysfunction. Now this is Garbage.

6) "Metal Heart" is another darker song, faster paced and very mechanical feeling; edgy.

7) "Sex is Not the Enemy" is a pro-sex song that for some reason brings to mind the B-52's on crack with lots of electric guitars.

8) "It's All Over But the Crying" is the first slower song, has a piano in it. Don't know what to say about it.

9) "Boys Wanna Fight"... 'but the girls are happy to dance all night'. Fuzzed out lyrics, moshing beat kinda. By this point the album has kept up such an even beat that it all feels like it blurrs together.

10) "Why Don't You Come Over" has this off-kilter chord progression and vocal melodies remeniscent of mid-career Suzanne Vega in the chorus, except with electric guitars.

11) "Happy Home" is the last mellowish song that has a slightly different sound structure, enough to stick with you at the end. It doesn't remind me of anything, which is probably good at this point. Original is good.

Overall the album isn't as innovative and interesting as either of Garbage's first two albums and I really don't find myself wanting to go out of my way to listen to Bleed Like Me. If you're a diehard fan, then you'll like the album but if you're growing out of the band then it's possible to do without this album.

Friday, May 6, 2005

Yuri in Anime

Brief descriptions in list format...

.hack//sign: Japan, series 2002. Unique in that this anime takes place almost entirely within a Massive Multiplayer Online Game in which Tsukasa is mysteriously trapped, unable to log out. He meets and befriends a wide variety of other players who team up to try and solve Tsukasa's problem, which only uncovers a much larger plot within the system. Specifying the yuri content here spoils the suprise.

"Kannazuki no Miko": Japan, 2004 series. In short: two girls (Chikane and Himeko), best friends, turn out to be the reincarnated Lunar and Solar priestesses who must battle the evil 8 Orochi to restore the world to balance. Chikane is in love with Himeko, who herself is torn between male childhood friend Oogami and her best friend Chikane.

Kasimasi: Japan, 2006 series. A boy, Hazumu, is hit by a stray alien ship and killed. The aliens, in apology, make a new body for him - unfortunately, he is now irreversably a girl. Hazumu has two best friends who are girls. One was falling for him when he was a boy but now struggles with her feelings now that Hazumu is a girl. The other girl Hazumu fell in love with as a boy but was rejected by her - but now that Hazumu is a girl, she wants him/her. Everyone around Hazumu has to adapt to Hazumu now being female - and oddly, Hazumu is the one person LEAST bothered by it. Lots of gender issues are brought up without being actually talked about. And there's a happy lesbian ending. :D

Maria-Sama ga Miteru: (Japan 2003-04) Anime series. One main character is DEFINETLY gay, and you can argue that most of the rest of the nearly all-girl cast is as well. TONS of subtext and maintext. This series has little in the way of plot as most people know it; it's all about character development, and this series has by FAR the best character development of any show I've ever seen. About a group of girls who attend a prestegious all-girls Christian school where elder students take on "petite soeurs" (underclassmen) and guide them through their lives while attending Lilian.

Noir: Japan, series 2001. Film noir style anime about two female assasins who have mysteriously linked pasts that are coming back to haunt them. The yuri content of this series isn't obvious - though it was way more obvious the second time I watched it.

Puni Puni Poemi - Japan, anime, subtitled. IMDB says: "This is a 2-part OAV spin off of the Japanese anime series "Excel Saga". Shinichi Watanabe returns to deliver some of the most outrageous, outlandish, series that parodies the magic girl anime (ie: Sailor Moon). However, this thing has a lot of perverted humor including 10-year old lesbians, incest, and lots more. You have been warned!". Yes. This is just one huge parody of all anime, and the lead character is a lesbian. It's not reeeely perverted at all, but you have to have a good and slightly off-beat sense of humour for it. I just HAD to put this on the list.

Revolutionary Girl Utena - Japan, anime (series 1997, film 1999). The mother of all current yuri anime. Also very bizarre, stylistic, symbolic, and difficult to watch, unfortunately. The film has nothing to do with the series, just reuses characters and motifs. Both feature tomboyish Utena, new to Ohtori Academy, who is thrust into a strange and dark world of sword dueling for the ultimate prize: Anthy, the Rose Bride, and the key to Eternity. In either version, Utena duels at first because she's dragged into it and second to protect Anthy's honor as a human being while everyone around her treats Anthy like a piece of meat. Both result in mutual respect and desire, though the point of the series is far more abstract than that.

Simoun: Japan, series, 2006. In short, this entire series is voiced by a female cast, even male characters. Everyone on this world is born female and at age 16 or so can choose their future permanent gender. The country of the main characters is in posession of strange, ancient technology that makes them the envy of the rest of the world and thus at war. The technology that drives their fighting aircraft, the Simoun, seems to require a spiritual element: it can only be flown by pre-gender-chosen girls. Before each flight, the girls must kiss the orb that powers the Simoun and before that, they ritualistically kiss one another. Tons of lesbian drama that somehow doesn't seem fanservicey at all.

Strawberry Panic: Japan, series, 2006. Awful, stereotypically, cheezy, whiney, schoolgirl drama-cutsey anime where EVERYONE is a frikkin' clueless lesbian or lesbian predator. Lots of inferred lesbian sex and lots of girl/girl relationships, although as far as kissing goes, nothing has the sheer volume of Simoun, on principle. Not a very deep series, though - it's a wannabe parody of Maria-Sama ga Miteru. Taken as a silly anime, Strawberry Panic is almost enjoyable.

Yami to Bōshi to Hon no Tabibito Japan, series, 200?. Psychotic. Hazuki and Hasumi are (adopted) sisters. On the eve of her 16th birthday, Hasumi disappears - turns out she is actually the demi-goddess Eve. Hazuki is in love with her sister and will stop at nothing to find her as she follows after a random trail of clues through dozens of bizarre worlds contained within books in the Library of Eternity or some such. Highly bizarre and difficult to watch, though not as difficult as ...Utena.

Lesbians on TV

Now we're starting to see television series' appear with lesbian characters and even lesbian casts. Here are the shows I have seen that have lesbian characters (because lesbians are still a minority on TV compared to gay men):

Ellen: (US 90's) not all of it, but I did get to see most of it, including the famous episode where Ellen comes out. HUGE impact on my life.

The L Word: US 200?. Don't make me describe this. You're silly if you don't know what it is. Wish they had a better array of lesbian character types. High drama that sucks you in.

Wonderfalls: (US 2004). Short lived series that went 13 eps, only four or five of which aired in the US. The main character's sister (who is one of the main supporting characters and thus in nearly every single episode) is a lesbian. And her relationship with another woman was given as much screen time as most straight supporting couples are given, if not more. The best part is that she's so far from the stereotype it's insane. Femme, chain-smoking, REPUBLICAN, SUV, money-hungry attorney. Hilarious - I think she would of become a famous lesbian TV character icon had the show not been erroneously cancelled by FOX.

Xena: Warrior Princess: (NZ/US) Everyone knows Xena, come on! This show inspired me to believe that there WASNT something wrong with me because I was attracted to women. It got me through high school and beyond without becoming suicidal and for that this show forever has my grattitude. Not a lot of outright lesbian content, but the subtext might as well of been maintext.

Films with Queer Characters in Them

Films that have gay characters in lead positions but the film isn't a "gay" film or where it's a gay situation comedy type thing but not totally exploitive... Minor reviews.

"Antonia's Line" - Dutch with English subtitles. "Chronicles the lives of four generations of a family of women, all strong and independent because of the matriarch, Antonia. Her daughter Danielle's lesbianism is treated very normally. Danielle's daughter Therese later has Sarah, who is the narrator of the story." Great film overall - very pro-womyn. :D

"Best in Show" - US. This film is so cool just for the fact that every single line of dialogue in it is improvised. A film without a script - that's frikkin' awesome acting. Follows several groups of dog owners at a dog show, where two unlikely women fall in love. Hilarious.

"Boys On the Side" - Three girls (Drew Barrymore, Whoopi Goldberg, and Mary Louise Parker) do a kind of running away road trip. Whoopi's character is gay, ML Parker has AIDS, and the Indigo Girls make a cameo apperance. There's a little bit between Whoopi and ML near the end but not much.

"The Closet" - French, subtitled. A quiet man who works at a condom factory is completely walked all over by his ex wife, his son, and his co-workers. Everyone thinks he's completely boring and dull until one day it "slips" that he's gay and suddenly he's the life of the party. Though the only gay character is the main character's gay neighbor who coaches him through being "gay", I love this film. Very pro-gay.

"The Color Purple" - I've only seen most of the film once. It's a very visceral and important film for black Americans but the book pushes the envelope much further. The film is famous for basically ignoring Celie and Shug's relationship, which is very important to Celie's growth in the book. Great acting though, still a powerful film.

"The Hours" - I don't consider this a queer film, really. I've not read the book, either. About three women in three different eras, one of whom IS a lesbian, dealing with depression. Not bad, but I have no desire to watch it again.

"The Object of My Affection" - Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd. This girl falls for her best friend, who is gay. Maybe a bit cliche in parts but it does go to show that you cannot change a persons orientation no matter how much you love eachother.

"Three to Tango" - Matthew Perry, Oliver Platt, and Neve Campbell. Peter (Platt) and Oscar (Perry) are partners in an architecht firm. Peter is gay, Oscar is not. This powerful guy is holding a competition for which architect firm is going to get the job designing a new building - due to a mix up, the boss thinks Oscar is gay and thus entrusts him with chaperoning his mistress, Amy (Campbell). Oscar has to keep up the pretense though he falls in love with Amy. I really like this film; while it does use 'gayness' as a humour factor, it has some poignant bits where Oscar finally "gets" what his friend Peter goes through some days, being gay. That and I love Neve Campbell.

Gay & Transgender Films

Gay and Transgender films I've seen - list with brief reviews.

"Bent" - in English; WWII. Clive Owen is a gay guy in France when the Nazis take over. Having to leave his partying lifestyle, he and his lover flee to the forests where they are eventually captured. It's worse to wear the pink triangle than the yellow star; this film gives the viewer a feeling of vertigo, a feeling of insanity and lost time, very much like what the main character goes through in order to survive as long as he can. Very visceral film. I liked it though I dont know how often I could watch it. Not a happy film.

"Big Eden" - US. 2000. White writer gay guy (Arye Gross) escapes to fictional Montana small town where he falls for the big, silent Native gay guy (Eric Schweig), whom everyone knows is gay but he doesn't talk about it. really sweet film; I wish more small towns were this open. I'd love to see it again. Kind of movie that makes you go "awwwww...".

"Boys Don't Cry" - US. The film that made Hillary Swank famous - and she does an awesome job playing Brandon Teena. Also not a happy film; I like to watch it to be amazed at how believeable Swank is as a young man.

"Cruising" - US. "A serial killer brutally slays and dismembers several gay men in New York's S&M and leather districts." Al Pacino plays the cop who goes undercover as a gay guy in the S&M scene to find the killer. Didn't do anything for me except make me view Pacino a little differently.

"Hedwig & the Angry Inch" - the film version. I'd never seen the show, and I was a tad bit shocked the first time I saw this, as I'm not into the camp scene. But the soundtrack grabbed me and now I likes it all a lot. :)

"Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" - Australia. Drag queens travel Australia in a bright pink school bus. I don't remember the plot. The ping pong ball scene obliterated anything valuable I would of remembered.

"The Wedding Banquet" [This] One was about this gay couple where one was Asian American and the other is white. The Asian guy ends up marrying a woman to keep her from being deported as well as to please his family, whom he is in the closet from. This comedic situation also puts stress on the men's relationship until it finally boils over.

Another was about two young boys who find love at the beach... Don't remember much else.

Another was an 80's film about a young skinny guy who slowly figures out he's gay but is totally taken advantage by every guy he turns to... I think Culture Club did like half the soundtrack - what was this one?

"Burnt Money" Really boring South American film about two robbers who are in love but on the run and can't expose their love for fear of being killed... There was a huge standoff with the police at the end? *shrugs*

Lesbian Film List

Films with L/B Female lead characters that I've seen - very brief reviews.

"Aimee & Jaguar" - German, subtitled. Possibly my very favorite of all - I have a thing for WWII, and what makes this one bettter is it is based on a true story - based on the book of the same name, which I also have.

"Bar Girls" - US. Indy. Cheese to the max. Possibly as unbearable as "Girls Can't Swim". Low budget, NO acting ability, boring plot, stereotypes, and LACK of representation of real butch lesbians, though they try to fit in everything else. HATE THIS FILM.

"Better than Chocolate" - in English. This seems to be a favorite, but I just didn't care for it. It falls into the 6-minutes til sex category - in that apparently, lesbians will sleep with eachother after knowing eachother for only 6 minutes. :P

"Bound" - U.S. I can't help it; I love this film, despite the swearing and violence. The hot-shot style of it is just like half the other straight mob films out there, with characters that always know what to say and are ultra suave when hitting on people. Noted sexpert Susie Bright advised all elements of the film regarding lesbian sex and culture for this film, too. And what hot characters we have in Corky and Violet! *purrs*

"But I'm a Cheerleader" - U.S. I wish I'd caught this in the theatre - the mixed reviews caught me off guard. I like the humour, how it makes fun of not only the anti-gay crowd but also makes fun of the LGBT community, too. I like that it can tackle serious and heavy issues without a heavy hand.

"Claire of the Moon" - 1992. At a women's writer workshop getaway in the northwest US, Claire struggles with her sexual identity after discovering her roomate is a lesbian. Bad acting, bad everything. Don't make me watch this again.

"D.E.B.S." - 2005ish. Indy spygirl spoof. You can definetly tell it's an ind film but as far as indy films go, it's very well done and very silly. The romance was good - creative and fresh; didn't feel like I was watching the same old lesbian film in new clothes at all. Also impressive is the mostly-female crew that MADE the whole film. Very light hearted and happy and edited so that the lesbian relationship is incidental, but not in a totally non-chalant/blazé way. Only thing that REALLY bothered me was that of all the characters, only Lucy seemed to know how to hold a handgun properly. Grr.

"Everything Relative" - U.S. Basically a lesbian "Big Chill", which I haven't seen. Old college lesbian pals reunite, opening old wounds and making new connections. Definetly for the generation before mine; I didn't care much for this film at all.

"Fingersmith" - U.K. 2005. 3-part mini series based on the Sarah Waters novel of the same name. I read the book first - - DEFINETLY read the book first! The film stays very true to the book and handles the plot twists quite well. The moments between the two female characters are really intense in their subtlety, but not near as good as in the book. This isn't to say the film isn't good - just that the book is SO good that no matter HOW good the film was it couldn't keep up with the book. It's about a theif, Susan, who teams with another theif, Gentleman, to insinuate themselves into a well-to-do household in order to get the rich man's niece, Maude, to fall in love with Gentleman so he can swindle her of her inheritance. But that's not quite what happens...

"French Twist" (Gazon Maudit) - French, subtitled. I almost forgot I'd even seen this film. Not very memorable. Soft butch falls for married "straight" woman. The husband isn't too keen on this... the wife wants both and tries to balance her life with a husband AND a girlfriend, including through a pregnancy. Come to think of it, I wouldnt mind watching this again as a refresher... I remember the struggles were poignant but sometimes painful to watch. And it was supposed to be humerous.

"Fried Green Tomatoes" - U.S. This really isn't categorized as a gay film, and there is no obvious gayness in it. But if you have any kind of gaydar at all, you KNOW that Ruth and Idgie are more than just "transcendant best friends". And if you have read the book, "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe" by Fannie Flagg, you know this for certain. If you get this on DVD, be sure to watch the Making Of and watch the film with the directors commentary for further proof these women are in a relationship. Luckily, because the book isn't explicit and the way the director filmed it, you don't feel like the film DIDNT go far enough with showing their relationship because it treats them like anyone else. One of my very favorite films/books.

"Fire" - India, in English. A rebellious young bride finds difficulty assimilating into her new, more traditional Indian family. Her husband gone often, distant, and philandering, she finds comfort in the company of her sister-in-law, an older woman in a sexless marriage. The young girl is kind of annoying but the story is good and it's interesting to see gay themes in other cultures. This film was banned in India. Overall, it's okay, but I do like it more than I dislike it.

"Gia" - U.S., HBO. Angelina Jolie plays Gia Marie Carangi in this film that losely follows the true and tragic story of the worlds first and most famous supermodel.... Who happens to be a lesbian.

"The Girl" - French, subtitled. Saw this once in the theatre. Noir ish type film. Almost too artsy; sex scenes were ultra close up and blurred, the dialogue was very stiffly given (it's noir...)... I liked the dyke character and hated the femme. Interesting story but I'm not sure how often I could stand to watch it.

"Girl Play" - US, 200?. It's meh.

"A Girl Thing" - US. I think this was made for TV. Stockard Channing is a psychologist who goes over the relationship woes of four different women (one of whom is a lesbian) while facing her own personal struggles. Don't remember much about it. Was okay, I guess.

"Girls Can't Swim" ("Les Filles ne savent pas nager") - French, subtitled. I don't think this is even IS a queer film at all. I don't remember - but for some reason we thought it was. Instead, it was THE worst film I'd ever seen. Two girls. One sleeps around with all these local boys while her best friend sleeps with her father. AWFUL.

"Girls In Prison" - U.S. I'm *pretty* sure I've seen this. Campy, stereotyped, guilty-pleasure type film. Anne Heche is in it.

"Go Fish" - US, indy. Some of the same characters from "Watermelon Woman" are in this. Our queer indy film culture is important but I didn't really care for this film.

"Heavenly Creatures" - NZ. Melanie Lynskey and Kate Winslet. Based on a true story. Two girls become obsessively best friends, lost in the make-believe world of their making. Warped and psycho is what this is. Nothing explicit, doesn't really give a good name necessarily to same sex love, but Kate Winslet is hilarious. I catch this on TV when I can. "Oh! MArio LANza!"

"High Art" - US. Very depressing, good story. Ally Sheedy like you've never seen her before. I've only seen it once and would like to watch it again. Journalist falls for strung out, once famous photographer (Sheedy).

"If These Walls Could Talk 2" - U.S., Showtime. Series of interconnected short stories that happen in different eras in the same house. Bring a box of Kleenex and someone to hold. Shows a great shift in social standing for lesbians though the different stories, from two elderly women who cannot say they're anything other than roomates, to Ellen and Sharon Stone trying to get pregnant via artificial insemination.

"Incredibly True Adventures of 2 Girls in Love" - US, indy. I don't know if this IS a true story or not - I think it's losely based on the lives of the writers, or something like that. VERY losely. About a highschool tomboy, white lesbian who lives with her lesbian aunt and works at a gas station/mechanics and her unlikely friendship and eventual relationship with a non-white girl of "proper" and high standing. Lighthearted. Pretty good for an indy film; I liked it. :"D BTW, "The L Word"'s Laurel Holloman plays the tomboy, Randy.

"It's In the Water" - U.S. This says it all: "In Azalea Springs, the country club still sets the rules. Here, being a member of "The League" is a must and only hair dressers and interior designers are supposed to be gay. A frenzy breaks out when a tipsy comment starts a rumor that the local drinking water turns you gay. This spark adds fuel to smoldering fires as the religious and socially righteous begin to join forces. The combination becomes the catalyst for residents who must now face or deny their own realities in this outrageous comedy with a queer little twist." - Cheesy. Don't care to see it again, but glad to of seen it at least once. Meh.

"Kissing Jessica Stein" - US. At first I didn't know what to think of this film. Some accuse it of straight people "trying out" being gay. It's not. Interestingly, what Jessica goes through in becoming more comfortable with being with a woman is VERY similar to what I went through. The film is ultimately about being comfortable with your sexuality and ignoring labels.

"Late Bloomers" - US. Two middle aged mom/teachers/coaches unexpectedly fall in love. I'm *pretty* sure I've seen this and wasn't impressed - I just don't relate.

"Lost and Delerious" - Canada (English). Tragic film. Folks either love or hate this and I'm kind of in between. It's very dramatic and tragic. Some days it's good, others, I just want to smack Paulie.

"Mulholland Drive" - US. "A sexy thriller as two beautiful women are caught up in a lethally twisted mystery – and ensnared in an equally dangerous web of erotic passion..." This is easily the most fucked up movie I've ever seen. It makes absolutely NO sense but I love it anyway. Each time I watch it, it traps my brain and I sit trying to figure it out... was the first half what happened or is it the blonde chick's memory of happier times? Better watch this with friends, especially if you like brain busters.

"Oranges Aren't the Only Fruit" - U.K., BBC. I've never read the book, but this was a good story in a disturbing sort of way. A lot of it hits you in the gut, so it's not one I like to watch a lot, but definetly one to see.

"Salmonberries" - US. This was filmed in AK! That's about the only good thing. K.d. Lang is Kotzebue, a very disturbed orphan girl trying to find meaning in existance when she meets a much older, lonely German librarian in the local library. The two form a kind of bond - it doesn't go very far. I almost didn't get through the whole thing. It wasn't all that great; but for some reason it sticks in my head. The story is weird but at least the acting is good.

"Saving Face" - U.S. 2004 film. From Wikipedia, "tells the story of Wilhemina, a young Chinese-American surgeon, her pregnant mother, and her dancer girlfriend. While Wil struggles with allocating her time between her mother, who, shunned by the Chinese-American community, has come to live with her, and her girlfriend, Vivian, whom she presents to her mother as only a friend, her mother must decide whether the demands of her father's reputations, or the demands of her own heart, are more important." Great film.

"Serving in Silence" - U.S. 1995 TV movie. Starring Glenn Close as Col. Margarethe Cammermeyer, "The true story of a decorated officer's legal challenge to her involuntary discharge when she admitted she was homosexual." Any scenes between Glenn Close and her character's love interest are pretty chaste, but this is an important story about acceptance in the workplace. Definetly a safe film to watch with your straight friends and family, and especially a must for Stargate slash writers, as it's a true story - the one that sparked the whole "Don't ask, don't tell".

"Set Me Free" (Emporte-Moi) - Canada. I barely remember this one. This school girl falls for her teacher, can't understand why the affection isn't returned, then some kind of strange three way relationship goes on with the girl, her brother, and a girl friend of theirs. I need to see this one again.

"Show Me Love" (Fucking Åmål) - Swedish, subtitled. This movie is kind of corny, but the characters are all perfectly flawed. It's hard to like any of the characters at first but that is part of its charm. And it's in SWEDISH! Heh. I like it.

"Therese & Isabelle" - German, dubbed in French, dubbed in English, black and white. You CAN get this subtitled, apparently. And unless you've seen this 60's film in the theatre, you're missing out on all the juicy scenes. This film is SO pulp and so corny - the sort of thing you watch with friends to make fun of.

"Tipping the Velvet" - U.K., BBC. Read the book before you see this. Might come off as corny if you don't. It's got some flaws but just the fact this AIRED on tv is astounding. The songs, the era (1880's), the costumes, Nan's struggles - all brought to life. I kind of think of it as seperate from the novel, but I love this miniseries. Definetly a must-have.

"Treading Water" - US.2001. I am pretty sure I've seen this, too. Don't remember anything about it except there was water and the girl lived on a boat and was the black sheep of the family.

"The Watermelon Woman" - US, indy. I even had to watch this for a film class in college. It's got some good info to think about but it's not something I'd watch a lot. VERY indy.

"When Night is Falling" - CAN (English). Not to be confused with the gay film "Before Night Falls". This movie I've only seen once. It's got some highly unlikely plot points and some very unusual characters, but it wasnt' the most horrible thing I've seen and I wouldnt' mind watching it again.