Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Eric showed me this site - it's a whole bunch of remixes of video game music done by all kinds of people. My music tastes are broad, and I usually don't listen to dance/techno/electronica kinds of things, but some of the more unique and atmospheric stuff I like. :)

Particularly nice is the song for Black & White, one for Ecco the Dolphin called "Broken Machine", "Force of Light" for Shining Force III, and three different versions of "Terra" from the Final Fantasy series: "Death on the Snowfield", "Terral in Black", and "Terra Black Crystal". FF7 "String Machine" is nice, too... ohhh, as is FF6 "Mystic Forest"....

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Larry "Liontamer" Oji said...

It's a cool thing to find a blog post from way back on OCR. It's actually from a few months before I joined the site staff.

Since your post, Kara, djpretzel's redesigned the site, and we've posted almost 600 new tracks, released 9 more free albums, and established a solid torrent system ( so you can DL everything at once easily. Not counting the albums, it's over 100 hours worth of music now.

I'm glad to read that your music tastes are broad. Ever since 2004, do-it-yourself music has become a lot more accessible and diverse, so if you check out what's posted nowadays compared to before, you're gonna find a lot less dance/techno/electronica compared to more innovative material. Even more innovative dance/techno/electronica.

If you haven't checked us out in a while, Kara, I certainly hope you drop by sometime. I know the comments are older, but I do genuinely appreciate reading them, and hope we can introduce you to some more good, new music! Thanks for the kind words on OC ReMix!

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