Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Ultraviolet [film]

No spoilers.

Saw Ultraviolet with Morgan and Cassandra on Monday. I only wanted to see it because Milla Jovovich is in it. I knew ahead of time what kind of film it was -- a kind of action adventure based on a non-existing comic book. It felt like a comic book; it even had the same plot holes that made you go..."what? why is that happening? why are their teeth like that? why...?" Some of the CGI settings were REALLY fake, but in a stylized way, so you know they did it on purpose, but not to WHAT purpose. It felt comic-booky but it was almost like they couldn't make up their minds. The rest of the special digital effects were way cool, though -- the costume/hair color changing thing was very cool. The fight scenes had decent choreography (and I should know, I was sitting there with a black belt and a brown belt in GoJu Ryu Karate), lol - the fight scenes had a lot of creativity -- particularly the one with the sunglasses (that's not a spoiler; if you see it, you'll know what I mean. Very cool shots for that). The story was okay, nothing to squee about.

Milla's acting was so-so. I think she could of had better directing; there were places where she totally could of pushed it, but at least she never felt like a re-run of any parts she's played before. I was particularly watching to see if she'd use elements from her portrayal of Alice from Resident Evil, but she didn't at all. She even did the "cool-hero snarky one-liners" in an original way.

Oh, and the boy who played child-Orlin from Stargate SG1 was in the film.

Overall not that great of a film. Disappointing story and characters, not one for rewatching.

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